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When I started going to the gym, there was no fitness direction.  Simply it was merely a thing to do after work to de-stress and try to keep healthy.  In January 2012 I was hanging out in the gym doing a few sets with friends when Fred approached us.  We had of course seen and chatted with him at the gym and also noticed his obvious superhero physique.  He then asked if I had ever been interested in training for bodybuilding.  I immediately said, I was not interested in being huge and that’s what I normally see of bodybuilders. He explained that he’s referring to natural bodybuilding and that he believes I have the potential to do well and offered to guide me in through the process.  I accepted and he started me on a two-week trial to see if I had the discipline to manage a clean diet, which I excelled in. Our training sessions started that following month and it was like boot camp — I thoroughly enjoyed.  Here I had the direction I was lacking in working out and I was starting to feel the change in my body.  We trained 5-6 days a week in preparation for my first bodybuilding show in August 2012 – MusclemaniaSuperBody Competition.  Under Fred’s tutelage, and guidance I won my first show, becoming Musclemania’ 2012 Superbody.  He was able to take me from an ordinary 160 lbs to a lean Musclemania Superbody winner.   Thanks Fred!

Randall Fisher

Like most, lack of exercise and poor diet throughout the first year of the pandemic led to rapid weight gain. Shaka helped me to revamp my diet and reinstitute a workout routine that works for my busy schedule. I look forward to our workout sessions and can’t wait to see my body continue to transform.

Chelsea Miles

Hi ! My name is D’annrose and ShakaPT has been the perfect support I needed to help me achieve my health and fitness goals. Shaka, my Personal Trainer has provided excellent support, education and encouragement. The flexible training hours and locations( even when I am not in NewYork, virtual workout sessions, weekly check-ins and meal plans) were perfect for my goals..As you can see in

the attached pictures, my glutes were non-existent ! with his excellent glute programs and consistency, I started seeing results quicker than I expected. Shaka PT motivated me to remain consistent even when it was hard to , to work hard so you achieve those results and to be strong! He helped me to become the best version of me. I can’t express enough my thanks to Shaka for the results I have achieved from our many hours in the gym working on building strength, muscle growth while learning the proper form and technique in weight lifting and overall good health. When I started working with Shaka I weighed 130 lbs, I have never gained more than 130 lbs and my weight would fluctuate so often. With Shaka’s help on proper nutrition education , meal plans and his amazing programs for muscle building I was able to work on that and grow and I now weigh 148 lbs, the heaviest I have ever been ! Also from only squatting the bar to my one rep max being 185lbs. I could go on and on about the many fitness goals I have achieved with him being my trainer. The experience training with Shaka is 10/10 and I would recommend him to any and everyone.